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Woolly appeared at our sanctuary in the Fall of 2017. We believe he’s approx. 4 years old and possibly discarded by our sanctuary because he had reached maturity and was therefore unwanted.

Woolly has always been friendly and in good health, and has a most gorgeous fluffy-woolly fur coat. He has a devilish charm, ‘bedroom eyes’ (you might as well give up, he wins you over!), but can get a little carried away and will sometimes give you a good hair tussle.

Woolly is utterly irresistible and while he’s used to sharing the space with lots of other cats, he would really love to be an only cat. He’s got a big personality and commands attention - in fact he really loves attention and cuddles.

Woolly needs a home where he will also have access to a safe garden or nature area away from traffic. He’s neutered, microchipped and up to date on his vaccinations.