Crew Member Donations


Become a God’s Little People Cat Rescue ‘Proud Crew Member’!

We have always referred to our rescuers as our crew members and it’s only fitting we make our sponsors ‘Proud Crew Members’ too.

Our ‘Proud Crew Members’ make a yearly donation to help us raise funds for veterinary bills, travel funds for our adopted cats, and to support our dedicated sanctuary team. Our members help us in our ever-expanding efforts for the cats and we simply couldn’t do what we do without their support!

As a thank you for signing up to help us you will receive this ‘proud crew member’ card with your name handwritten on it.

Our generous and supportive Crew Members currently are:

Wilma ter Mull

Katarina Jovcic

Verdiana Meloni
Sandy Compton
Diane Joubert-Lewis
Justin Moose
Dan Streeter
Patty Lien
Liza Krisher
Marian Edwards
Diana Gonzalez
Joni ODonahue
Olivia Yunita
Britt Byers
Stefan Wiebel
Hemal Bhasin
Cristina Murphy
Jai Singh
Kyle Warendorf
Wilma ter Mill