Cat Sanctuary Crew Sponsorship 

We accept three (3) sponsors for each cat living at God’s little People Cat Rescue sanctuary.

Whether it’s a resident cat (older, chronically ill or for some reason un-adoptable) or a younger rescue waiting for a home, we need supporters who will help us keep them fed with a good and appropriate quality diet, keep them covered with parasite treatment, yearly vaccinations, spay and neutering as well as whatever veterinary care might be required.

Each sponsorship is 10 euros per month. When you sign up you can opt in or out of receiving a twice a year photo greeting of your sponsored cat by snail mail!

Field Crew Sponsorship

Apart from caring for our 60+ rescued cat sanctuary crew, we also take care daily of around 30 stray and homeless cats. Our ‘field crew sponsors’ are a collected group of people who help support the stray cat population we care for each day.

We feed the larger group in a field where we’ve fed them for more than 10 years and we now have a small feeding station in place for them. We provide them with good quality food twice a day as well as fresh water, small shelters, ongoing parasite treatment, neutering, vaccination and whatever veterinary care they might need.

This is something that is usually not afforded for the stray cat population and we take great pride in being able to offer them the best care possible. If you wish to help us care for the stray cats, please sign up to become a sponsor.

Any monthly amount is much appreciated!, but if some of you can helps us more and donate 10 Euros monthly, it would really contribute to covering our basic and extraordinary costs.  

Members who donate 10 Euros or more monthly will received twice a year a photo greeting of the field crew. When you sign up to become a sponsor you can opt in or out of receiving the card greetings by snail mail!

Wish List

God’s Little people Cat Rescue also needs supplies of cat food, bedding, toys and various items. For specific items needed, please see our Cat’s Wish List.

Watercolour art, cards and more by Joan, the founder

In this shop- Insert Etsy link- you will find a selection of whimsical 'kitty cards' based on her original water-color illustrations. All proceeds of any purchase goes towards the charitable purpose of caring for our Greek rescue cats in our no-kill cat sanctuary on a little Greek island.

Purchase an EGift Card!

You may also decide to offer a eGift Card in the name of a loved one. Those are great for birthdays, Mother’s Day, cat lovers, and for people who might have lost a furry companion as a way to honor them. The recipient will receive an email acknowledging that you donated in its name.

Donate your professional skills

Please visit our Get Involved page to see the various needs we have and apply as a volunteer. Any amount of time you can volunteer even if only for one particular small project would be greatly appreciated! We could not do this without our supporters.