Sanctuary Location

Our sanctuary and adoption center is nestled on a beautiful hillside in a nature preserved bay on the Greek island of Syros. Joan and Richard originally built four houses here intended as a retreat and a place to conduct seminars on conscious living.

Instead, over the last ten years, this place became a dedicated sanctuary and refuge for the huge number of sick, discarded and unwanted cats of the island. Today the sanctuary is home to 65+ cats and while the cats wait for wonderful new families, they live in safety and can freely roam the hillsides with no predators. 

While this might seem the ideal life for a cat we are currently about 50% over capacity! We provide a very high standard of care for our rescues, but simply cannot keep up with the need for each little cat to have the level of love and attention each of them crave. Some are happy to live as garden cats with no need for human attention, but most of our rescues crave attention and would love to have a home and family of their own where they can get all the attention and affection they deserve.

Once we’ve completed our job getting a cat back to perfect health, it’d be most ideal that we can get them off to new homes, so we can take in new cats or kittens in need, and continue our rescue work.

We are currently in great need of new homes for our rescues. Please consider adopting one of our rescues to help our ongoing work. Check out our adoption page to see the cats currently waiting for new families.