Get Involved

We are blessed and grateful to have so many people wishing to volunteer for our rescue mission.

We need volunteers from time to time and if you wish to offer your help, please check the list below and add your skillset to our mailing list.

Please be as specific as you can in listing your skills and prior experience. We’re incredibly thankful to our former volunteers who apart from taking care of the cats have helped in building the cat shed (carpentry and painting), creating paths in the cat garden, gardening (clearing weeds & pruning), erecting our cat garden arch (cement and brick work), cleaning and maintaining the cat supplies storage room, doing fundraising campaigns of various kinds… See the list below and sign up if you want to be considered for volunteering.

Online help

  • Graphic designers.

  • Website maintenance - Someone to update the website; adding, removing photos, text etc. Must be knowledgeable with the Shopify platform.

  • SEO expert.

  • Social Media - Someone who is knowledgeable with how to increase followers and engagement numbers on Facebook, Instagram. We also need someone who knows how to set up a YouTube channel for GLPCR.

  • Marketing - Someone to conduct marketing campaigns- must be familiar with the software Constant Contact.

  • Public Relations - Someone to build a list of appropriate press (paper and online format) in countries where we wish to send our cats for adoptions, and submit regular press releases to those media.

  • Fundraising - We need people who can organize local to their area fundraising events for the benefit of GLPCR. New fundraising ideas are also very welcome!

On-site help

  • Building Projects – We need carpenters, stone masons, electricians, painters, gardeners.

  • Cat Travel Escort - We need help from anyone who'd like to help transport one of our adopted cats to their homes. It can either be people who are on holiday on Syros and would be able to bring them back on the flight in the cabin, or someone who's willing to travel to Athens and back from selected destinations where we get cats adopted to.

    You need to be confident and comfortable in handling a cat, like taking it out of the carrier and putting it back inside the carrier. This is part of the airport security check that's involved in transporting them.

  • Expert Cat Trappers - We need cat trappers for neutering projects (TNR) throughout the year.

  • Cat Caretakers - Midterm we need experienced cat caretakers (trained vet nurses) to cover for holidays for our current caretakers (please list your prior experience). The help is needed throughout the year when someone on our team needs to leave, or if our caretaker team, Isabelle and Quentin have an urgent need to leave (maybe for family reasons). Thus, we sometimes need someone who can fill in on short notice.

Contact Us To Offer Your Assistance: