Currently Unavailable

Winston is currently unavailable as an adoption may be in progress, or the status of the cat may have changed for another reason.

We encourage you to browse our other cats up for adoption, or consider sponsoring strays or our TNR program.

Winston is a mighty character, an actual person and much larger than life! He is a neutered stray cat yet tame, friendly and plays like a giddy kitten! We don't know his exact age but he's 3+ years old.

He loves rolling and flashing his adorable belly and gets totally carried away if you pull a string toy in front of him. Winston has so much personality and is so very soulful and wears a wistful smile on this face.

You can't help but totally fall in love with him! We think it would really make Winston's life if he could have a home to himself or even share. He's easy going around other cats and would just make the best human company!