Currently Unavailable

Ulysses is currently unavailable as an adoption may be in progress, or the status of the cat may have changed for another reason.

We encourage you to browse our other cats up for adoption, or consider sponsoring strays or our TNR program.

Ulysses is a BIG male cat with a character to match his size! He dropped into our sanctuary in November 2020 - we believe his owners left him by our entrance as he appeared lost and confused when he arrived here. He is a little over 1 year old we estimate.

He was feeling very poorly at first with the 3rd eyelid showing and a dull unwell look in his eyes. He suffered badly with diarrhea (it took him two months to recover from it), and quickly went down with the flu. It took him several weeks to recover from this as well, but once he resurfaced he was full of life, cheeky and it turns out - definitely a cat with humour and an endearing kind of clumsiness that would suggest he's not quite aware of just how big he is!

He's ok with other cats but to be honest, Ulysses would no doubt love to rule his own kingdom! He gives love bites that are a little bit over emphatic - again a sign he's maybe not quite aware of his own size. He weighs 6,5 kg and will need a home with space for this big boy and also a safe garden or nature area, as he loves to explore his immediate surroundings.

He's loving and affectionate but most suited in a home with only adults. Ulysses is utterly unique, fun and quirky and will no doubt make you smile with his particular brand of individuality! He is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped and just waiting for his forever home and family!