TNR Program Donations


God’s Little People Cat Rescue does TNR when we happen to come across colonies in various places (as an example in dangerous spots along a road), or if new cats appear in the field where we feed stray cats or at our own place. We recently targeted locally and will continue to do "clean up" whenever we spot more - which we do almost every month. TNR is an important part of our job to prevent the appearance of the many sick and needy cats we rescue every year.

Please consider donating towards our ongoing TNR campaigns. Each neutered cat also receives a shot for worms and fleas/ticks. 30 euros covers one cat being spayed or neutered and will not only contribute to a much better quality of life for each cat but will also prevent the misery of thousands of unwanted lives!

In case you’re not familiar with just how many lives one single female and male are responsible for, just take a look at this pyramid.

“By spaying and neutering just one male and one female cat, more than 2,000 unwanted births can be prevented in just four years - and more than 2 million in 8 years!”

Our generous and supportive TNR Program donors currently are:

Chastity McGee
Cristian Calin Rat