God's Little People - Feelings That Connect, Soft Cover book by founder, Joan R. Bowell


This newly released book "God's Little People - Feelings That Connect," is written by Greek Cat Rescue founder, Joan R. Bowell. Joan established a sanctuary for cats rescued from neglect on the Greek island of Syros, one of the Cycladic islands.

This is the story of a Danish woman transcending her background and meeting her life's purpose by stepping out of her comfort zone and letting destiny take her by the hand, showing her the way back to her true self in a foreign land, by giving herself over to be in service of the unwanted cat population on a little Greek island.

In this book, Joan R. Bowell takes us on a genuine path of personal development, sharing tragedy, warmth, humor, and wisdom from learning the hard way, when she finds herself, rather surprisingly and unwillingly, in a remote location building a large cat sanctuary from scratch. Along the way, the sanctuary even accidentally becomes the center of an international news story as well as being featured in a Netflix series about cats. A gem for ardent animal lovers - as well as for anyone else.

The proceeds of this book will go towards the legally registered charity of God's Little People Cat Rescue. With the purchase of this book, you will help us secure our sanctuary and our future plans for God's Little People Cat Rescue and all the cats who are under our protection.

Joan about the book:
"This will be a very intimate and personal account of my journey before and into rescue - and finding myself and my purpose along the way. I believe it will be an unexpected book and very much about destiny lending a hand and shaping the way."

The book is not for really small children but suitable for teens who have already experienced loss - and adults of course. Here are some words from those who have already read it:

"It’s an amazing book, and your voice is so prevalent throughout. I couldn’t help but hear it like you were talking straight to me; it’s so personal and that makes it all the more impactful. It made me smile at parts, and of course, the harder chapters brought some tears, but most importantly, it inspires. I have been feeling quite lost since graduating and moving home, not quite knowing how to “adult” properly, and the silver lining of it all has been being able to keep doing TNR and rescue outside of school. Your book has reignited a spark in me to be more open and vocal about it all, truly following my passion to make it a larger part of my life than just “what I do after my 9-to-5”. Overall, amazing book, and I will cherish it forever!”

“Just finished reading your book. It was so we written, could not put it down. Was wonderful getting to know you.”

“Wow just been reading your book and it’s so interesting and heartfelt! Thank you for sharing your story so personally - I can’t wait to learn more about your journey!”

This is a physical soft cover of the book that was released in October of 2022.

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