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Matzo is a stunning looking ginger/white 5 year old neutered male - dumped by the entrance to our sanctuary when he was about 5 months old. Full of ticks, fleas and ear mites! No doubt left behind because he was no longer a cute kitten and needed to be neutered! He was a really sweet and playful boy right from the beginning and was easy to house train. Matzo enjoyed life in our adoption house for the first 1/2 year with us but then chose to move out as more rescues came in. He craved attention and got jealous with the other incoming cats.

He strangely never got an adoption offer, and he therefore now spends a lot of time on his own where really he ought to get a lot of attention. He is a really sweet, cuddly and deserving cat who would love a home with someone who's got lots of affection to offer him.

He's still as playful as a kitten and would bring light and playfulness into your home. He could be good in a home with children who've been taught how to be with and how to handle cats. He needs a home with a safe garden as he's used to roam a large safe nature area and is not familiar with traffic and cars. He would love to be a single cat but could also fit well with another non-dominant playful cat. It would transform Matzo's life to have his own home and a person or family who's got time for him.