Kindness - A5 Card


Currently Unavailable

Kindness - A5 Card is currently unavailable as an adoption may be in progress, or the status of the cat may have changed for another reason.

We encourage you to browse our other cats up for adoption, or consider sponsoring strays or our TNR program.

"Kindness is like snow, it beautifies everything is covers" - Kahlil Gibran Imagine a scene where this cat loving girl walks in a snow-covered forrest and comes across a litter of discarded kittens. She kneels down and pops them all in her bag and brings them all home to warmth, love and safety. Anyone who does rescue work knows that whatever time of the year, people really do discard cats and kittens in this way and we all love a happy Christmas ending! ♥️ The card comes without the watermark copyright and has a little description on the back of the artist and the cat rescue cause. The purchase of this card will help cover the vet bills for two of our older rescue cats in need of dental work. Each order will be gift wrapped with red tissue paper and silver string. Purrfect for a Christmas greeting or a gift to a cat lover or cat rescuer.