Free Kisses! - A5 Card

"Free kisses!" is a print of one of my watercolor originals turned into an A5 card + white envelope, printed on 300 mg white card stock. Artist name + my kitty cause + mini print image on the back. The image of the cards have turned out slightly darker than the first image (the original) but the first image is the right portrayal of the colors. The inspiration for the girls 'granny chic' outfit came from the world of Dottie Angel (aka Tif Fussel) in the image I've shared here. I share the image with the very kind permission of Tif Fussel. You can find more of Dottie Angel's crafty and wonderful world here: Each card is lovingly wrapped and shipped in a hard-back envelope. ALL proceeds from this card will go towards much needed worm, flea & ear mite treatment of my Greek cats.