Field Crew Donations


Our field cats or ‘Field Crew’ as we call them, is a colony of about 25 local stray cats we feed twice every day. We’ve fed the local stray cats here for ten years and it used to be just a handful of cats scouring through the dumpster placed along the road in this spot.

Become a Field Crew monthly sponsor today and support our local strays who we feed, medicate, and care for daily.


Our generous and supportive Field Crew members currently are:

Lisa Petriccione
Amy Dunniway
Elizabeth Houdek
Gill Bower
Jeremy Martin
Issac Scherb
Kirsty Gillies
YuChing Hsu
Britta Mettler
Claire Coburn
Carol Greenhow
Janet Milbrandt
Debbie Hills
Claire Aston
Christine Taylor
Lisa Nilsson Swanson
Sara-Jayne Arnold
Michael Everitt
Ellen Kosters
Linda Moniharaopn
Ann Starlin
Ann Howie
Julie Francombe
Wilma Mulder
Ari Barker
Celeste Keller Frimodig
Jennifer Middleton
Mary Mollica
Leanne Horning
Giorgio Ragazzoni
Angela Amiri
Tammy Pike
Christine Hatfield
Kirsty Miller
Lara Panos Milo
Rachel Thomas
Koleen Starkey
Claire Pitts
Laurie Beranek
Val Walsh
Samantha Thomas-Griffin
Alison Oaks
Joseph Costello
David Sylvester
Mary Frangakis
Nan Walker
Karen Zimmer
Linsey Payne
Jan Cook
Rachel Hirst
Suzanne Distefano
Nancy LeBlanc
Catherine Ann Palmer
Renee Harrison
Sinead Daffy
Michelle Carson
Kira Clark
Alena Terentev
Sonia Dervenkova
Emme Ife
She Yun Chu
Elizabeth MacCaffey
Ashley Thorp
Luca Salvatore
Frances Henderson
Sawn Wear
Kamala Hughes
Verdiana Meloni
Maria Stavridou
Krysten Wood
Erin Haynes
Christine Perry
Patricia Minor
Franco Fagiani
Thomas Grun
Danielle Bruyninck
Anna Wulfert
Fran Gray
Rachel Whybrow
Una Kliemann
Francisca Jonsson
Iakovina Pateraki
Lara Galbusera
Olivia Yu
Linda Neal
Irene Saxer
Jessica Heymans
Julie Plank
Julie Wilding