Currently Unavailable

Fernando is currently unavailable as an adoption may be in progress, or the status of the cat may have changed for another reason.

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Fernando is a 4 years old super friendly all black, tall and sleek male cat. He was rescued from a dumping ground with his brothers 4 years ago when they were all just big kittens and all of them came close to succumbing to a flu. All of his brothers got adopted but sadly Fernando never got offered a home.

He was of course spayed, is fully house trained, socialized and loves to snuggle up in a lap and in bed. He's loyal and a bit of a body guard type! This handsome black panther will have your back for sure in return for being the only cat (and pet) in the house.

Over the last 4 years Fernando has tired out of living in a sanctuary with many cats and has taken to roaming to get solitude. We are urgently looking for a forever home for him as Fernando is now a rather lonely cat and yet he has such a big heart and so much love to give.

He needs a home with a safe garden and nature as he's used to enjoy nature but not at all used to roads and cars! He'd be suitable in a quiet home and if with a family with children it needs to be teenagers who know how to handle and show respect for a tall strong cat.