Exquisite Beauties (Set of 4) - A5 Card

This is a set of 4 x large A5 greeting cards left blank inside for your message. The illustrations are part of a series of watercolors I created with inspiration from the quote: "There is no exquisite beauty without some strangeness in the proportion" and is my recognition of all those kitties that have often under tough circumstances become disabled or scruffy looking - but they always give you their full in spite of their hard experience in life. These whimsical illustrations represent: - a one eyed cat - a 3 legged cat - a tailless cat - a scruffy dumpster cat. On the back of each card in a small thumbnail of the image on front + a bit of text about my rescue work. All the cards come with a white envelop and in a protective cello sleeve. This set would make a lovely gift to any cat lover. All proceeds will go directly towards food and medical care for the 60 rescue cats in my sanctuary and the 20 stray cats I feed daily by a local dumpster on a small Greek island.