Camillia is a retired stray cat mama around 6 years old in urgent need of a calm home to herself. For 5 years in a row she gave birth to endless litters of kittens (cleverly evading being trapped to be spayed) - in the end her body was so ravaged from the wear and tear and her never having any time to recuperate and let her body rest. She suffered a horrible skin rash that had affected her body all over (eyes, behind, armpits, tummy, tail and neck) - it was a relief when we finally trapped her and was able to help her heal completely. She has been prescribed a lifetime of hypoallergenic diet to prevent the skin condition from flaring up again. 

She is a slightly nervous cat slowly getting used to human affection but she has already shown that she enjoys cuddles and knows how to head-bump! She is scared of other cats and needs to be an only cat in a calm environment, preferably with access to a safe garden or nature away from traffic. She is spayed, vaccinated, microchipped and ready for a new home. She’s just waiting for that one special person who will see it as an honour and privilege winning Camillia’s trust and to give her the life she really deserves after so many years of mama duties. She is slowly learning to play with toys and and figuring that life can actually be enjoyable!