Currently Unavailable

Pixie is currently unavailable as an adoption may be in progress, or the status of the cat may have changed for another reason.

We encourage you to browse our other cats up for adoption, or consider sponsoring strays or our TNR program.

Pixie is a true little miracle and she's ready for a new home! She appeared at our sanctuary during the Christmas of 2019. The story goes her caretakers had left her behind for the winter to fend for herself. She was skinny, starving hungry and had a bad cough - and was in heat!

It turned out Pixie had pneumonia. She had two full weeks in veterinary care with IV antibiotics. It was so bad several vets had given up on her and advised us to put her to sleep. We decided to bring Pixie home not wanting to stress her during her last days of her life.

She had daily oxygen tent treatment, the company of our resident cats and then something quite miraculous happened. Pixie started eating and gradually got better and better. Three months later her lungs were X-rayed and she was declared completely healthy!

Pixie needs a home with other friendly cats. She is a 1 ½ year old, sassy and adorable little character who loves the company of other cats - we know for a fact that she lived among other cats before. She would love a safe garden or nature area to scamper around.

But indoors she's also quite the little entertainer and often runs around with a toy going completely bonkers! She would bring love, light and fun into your home, but it's essential that she has other cat companions as she simply loves the company of other cats.