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Licorice is 4 1/2 years old and a gorgeous all black female with beautiful green eyes. She was heartlessly left behind by the entrance to our sanctuary when she was only 12 weeks old and we found her sitting, crying pitifully one morning among our adult garden cats.

When we brought her in, all she wanted to do was huddle up real close and suckle on a sleeve. She remained an indoor cat for about 9 months but then chose to become a garden cat as she didn’t like the increasing number of rescues living in her space.

Sadly, she never got any adoption offers when she was just a kitten - we really don’t understand why as she was the most adorable kitten! Today, even as an adult - Licorice has the exact same pitiful cry and we would desperately love for Licorice to have a home all to herself.

She’s timid in the company of other cats but is otherwise loving and affectionate. Unfortunately, because she’s intimidated by the presence of the many cats living at our sanctuary, Licorice lives isolated and retreats into the nearby fields and only turns up for meals.

We would love for her to have a better life where she could have the love and human affection we believe she really longs for. She’s spayed, microchipped and up to date on her vaccinations. She needs to be an only cat and with access to a safe garden or nature area.